Patapsco Station: Tragedy on the Rails

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Patapsco Station: Tragedy on the Rails – Paperback – Copyright 2018, ROZ-BURNS PUBLISHING COMPANY (310 Pages) FICTION

Patapsco Station - Tragedy on the Rails is a fictional story of multi-generation firefighters in the Anne Arundel County, Maryland fire service. The work also brings to light the tragic flaws on our nation's rails along with their unforgiving consequences. Many of the story's exciting fire, rescue and rail incidents actually happened. 

Follow the lives and careers of three generations of firefighters as they experience emergencies caused by trains along with everyday fires and rescues. Respond with Chief Edward Cain and the Riviera Beach Volunteer Fire Company to Severn's deadly Pennsylvania Railroad accident of 1956. 

Ride Linthicum's fire engine with Lieutenant Frank Emerson as he responds to fires and rescues during the 1960s and 70s. Work side by side with Emerson's son Joseph and his Engine 32 crew as they fight present-day fires and respond to the biggest train accident of their lives. Follow their thoughts and actions as they protect lives and property from fire and destruction. 

Meet and share the lives of everyday people as their holiday season train ride turns into a deadly nightmare. This work addresses the harsh reality of the railroad's mechanical neglect, aging infrastructure, illegal drugs and overworked engineers. All major factors that contribute to rail accidents. 

More tragedy is just looming over the horizon at the next rail crossing, tunnel or bridge if these flaws are not addressed in the near future. 

PATAPSCO STATION IS ALSO AVAILABLE ON AMAZON KINDLE FOR $2.99 or free if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited.