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12/21/05 Good start with the site. Looking forward to seeing more.I have some material that could be added in the future. M. Wiley, AACO Retired Fire Fighters

1/21/06 The article brings back many memories. - F. Kvech, Brooklyn, MD

1/22/06 The web site looks so professional. I can't wait to see how it develops. - G. Bizjak, Berlin, MD

1/27/06 My dad was in the Arundel Park Fire. - D. Olecski

1/28/06 Other important fires during the late 1950s were the Glen Burnie A&P Fire in January 1958 and the Brookwood Farms Fire in October 1959. It would be great to see stories and articles on these also. - C. Riley

1/28/06 My grandfather, one of the partners in the Arundel Park Corporation, and my parents along with several relatives were at the fire. - L. Dove

1/29/06 My aunt was at the fire. - H. Crockett

1/30/06 I had no idea what a major catastrophe this almost was unit I read the article on the Arundel Park Fire - Wonderful Job! - M. Ripnick, Brooklyn Park, MD

1/30/06 I moved to Brooklyn Park in the early 1960s. I never heard about this fire. A friend who witnessed the fire as a child told me about the article on the web site. I felt like I was watching a movie while reading the article - Great Job! - R. Wenzel, Brooklyn Park, MD

1/30/06 My dad was at the fire. Apparently he was able to save quite a bit of money from the "money wheel" he was working at when the fire broke out. - J. Birsner

1/31/06 The history of this tragic event shows why we have tough fire codes. My step-father lost his first wife in the fire. He had her by the hand, but due to the pushing of the frantic crowd, he lost his hold on her. In addition he suffered serious burns to his arms and hands. Keep up the good work. - B. Haines

2/28/06 My aunt burned to death in the fire. I never knew what really happened until I read the article. - P. Cobaugh

3/2/06 Great job with the web site! - R.W. Smith and H. Zlotowski

3/3/06 Great job! The site looks good and is a great idea. - J. Frank, West Friendship

3/3/06 Great site! Look forward to more selections and articles. - T. Harmon

3/3/06 It's awesome...really coming along well. - K. Haje

3/4/06 A great opportunity for both fire buffs and the general public to observe a profile of the history of the Anne Arundel County fire service. - M. McBride

3/4/06 How about some information on the Carpet Mart fire (circa 3/71)? - D. Jarzynski, Stevensonville, MD

3/4/06 I have some old stuff. I'll try to get it to you. - J. Bostic, Ritzville, WA

3/4/06 Nice job. I will be following your progress. - R. Smith, Palm Beach, FL

3/4/06 Nice Job. Good luck. Great endeavor! - R. Strickland

3/6/06 Great job. I learned alot and the site is easy to navigate. - E. Berraho

3/6/06 I really enjoyed the article. - P. Yerby

3/7/06 Great work. We can all appreciate our fire fighters and the risks involved in their jobs. - P. Jimeno, Brooklyn Park, MD

3/7/06 A tremendous story. There seems to be a lot of parallels to the night club fire in Rhode Island that occurred a couple of years ago. - J. Byrnes, Annapolis, MD

3/8/06 Looks good! - M. Butt, Ellicott City, MD

3/10/06 Outstanding job! - C. Rogers, Odenton, MD